Professors Return to GTS

GTS Dean and President Kurt H. Dunkle refers to seven of eight professors returning to work.

GTS 8 Want an Arbiter

The Rev. Amy Bentley Lamborn discusses GTS professors’ concerns in more detail.

GTS Talks Hit Snag

GTS 8: “A four-person committee chaired by an outspoken critic is not going to rectify” the school’s conflicts.

Bishop: GTS Vote Divided

Some trustees advocated “for a simple, unconditional reinstatement, and I was one of them.”

GTS 8, Bp. Breidenthal Respond

Bp. Breidenthal: “Any faculty member at any institution of higher learning should be outraged by this board’s action.”

Bishop Griswold Lends a Hand

Bishop Frank Griswold will facilitate a meeting between General Seminary’s trustees and dismissed faculty members.