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The sore thumb, indispensable to the body

When a certain burden must be borne by some more than others, do we suddenly adopt the pirate’s code that Those who fall behind are left behind?

Get on with it

The constant worry I’m not doing things as well or as effectively as I could still simmers beneath the surface.

What we’re reading: Lent

A few Lent book suggestions from authors at Covenant.

Suffer the little children

Maybe having children is a goad to holiness because it shows us just how little progress we actually make in holiness.

Holy living in the PhD desert

In those PhD years, I think I learned a number of things about structure, sin, silence, and solitude.

The sacraments and pastoral judgment

In May 2015, a flurry of stories came out about Bishop Greg Brewer and the baptism of the adopted son of two men in a committed same-sex relationship in Orlando, Florida.

Easy on the Alleluias, Deacon

Bishops must now forward all Title IV complaints, even of one too many Alleluias, or risk punishment.

Being a hypocritical Church

James Alison suggests that the vocation of a preacher is “Be a professional hypocrite."

Christian discipline

Culturally speaking, the word discipline brings to mind notions of strictness and censure, but the discipline of following Christ is not primarily about following rules.

Return to your first love

I would like to think that we have not become so warped by our passions and by a reliance on our controversies to sustain our interest in one another, in Anglican forms of Christian faith, and, ultimately, in Christ. But I fear we may have. And so I must recall to us all, those resonant words from Christ: “I have this against you, that you have abandoned your first love.”


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