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Diocese of North Carolina

Peter James Lee, Former Bishop of Virginia, Dies at 84

“If ever there was a bishop who failed at retirement, it was Bishop Lee.”

A Refuge of Beauty: St. Timothy’s, Winston-Salem

St. Timothy’s is a large and active church, but the renovation project has less to do with size than with creating a sacred space to complement and reinforce the decidedly high-church character of the congregation.

Robert Estill, Retired Bishop of North Carolina, Dies at 92

"There was a graciousness to him that made one feel as though there was room to be yourself in his presence, a generous spirit that always left me feeling more sure of God's love."

‘We Hope for Peace, and We Work for Peace’

“Hope alone is not enough. If the cycle is to break, hope must be partnered with action.”

Godspeed, Bishop Lee

Bishop Ann Hodges-Copple speaks with Bishop Lee as he completes an interim term in the Diocese of North Carolina.

Rise in Glory: Bp. Marble, 80

The Rt. Rev. Alfred “Chip” Marble, Jr., eighth Bishop of Mississippi, died March 30.

N.C. Elects Mass. Priest

The Rev. Samuel Rodman elected to succeed Michael Curry in North Carolina.

4 Visions for North Carolina

The Diocese of North Carolina has posted four videos in the search for its 12th bishop.

Canon Hunn Joins N.C. Slate

The canon to the presiding bishop for ministry within the Episcopal Church could succeed the PB in North Carolina.


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