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Diocese of Fort Worth

‘Scorched Earth’ Cited in Fort Worth Bankruptcy Case

By David Paulsen Episcopal News Service All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Fort Worth, Texas, has filed for bankruptcy protection, partly citing the “bad faith and scorched-earth...

TEC Pays $4.5 Million to ACNA’s Fort Worth Diocese

The settlement of legal fees represents 10 percent of TEC's annual budget.

A Painful Divorce in Fort Worth

By Kirk Petersen A long-simmering dispute between rival religious denominations in Fort Worth has escalated after a decisive court ruling. Congregations have been forced out of...

ACNA Seeks Expanded Foothold in Dallas & Albany

As new jurisdictions emerge, old alliances are tested.

Fort Worth Episcopalians Mourn Property Loss

Coping with a ruling from the United States Supreme Court, and a detailed historical overview of the conflict that led to the litigation.

U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Hear Ft. Worth Case

Several TEC congregations apparently will have to vacate the church buildings where they have been worshipping.

ACNA Fort Worth Diocese Wins in Texas

The ruling does not resolve the issue of which entity is entitled to call itself "the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth."

Jack Iker, a Founding Bishop of ACNA, Retires in Fort Worth

He retires while the ownership of the name "Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth" is still being litigated.

Lawsuits Grind on in South Carolina, Fort Worth

While there are signs of reconciliation between Episcopalians and Anglicans in various places in America, the conflict in South Carolina and Fort Worth shows no sign of ending.

Border Bishops Seek Improved Conditions at U.S.-Mexico Border

We call on our state and national leaders to reject fear-based policy-making that targets people who are simply seeking safety, and a chance to live and work in peace


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