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Respecting the Dignity of Back Row America

The book does not evoke pity; it’s not intended to evoke pity. It undermines the very foundation of the category “less fortunate” by deconstructing the front row conceit that everyone in the back row wants to be in the front row.

Brothels Exploit Young Women

The Rt. Rev. Alastair Redfern says vulnerable young women, many of them from Eastern Europe, are being trafficked to the Peak District as sex workers.

Clean Office, Clean Conscience

Church agencies found Clean for Good, which treats its employees with dignity.

Words matter

Our human dignity is founded upon the Word of God that lives in us by the power of the Holy Spirit. And that Word is dynamic and living, never static or flat.

‘The dignity of every human being’: The constitutive Baptismal Covenant

Describing the Baptismal Covenant as constitutive means that it governs (or at least should govern) how we live as a body; it determines our culture.

Theology at prayer

In a section of the Summa on prayer, St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-74) alerts us to three perennial errors, pitfalls at the intersection of prayer and theology.

A catechism of Nature (1): Reason and the destiny of animal life

Reason, the thing that separates us from brute beasts, does not liberate us from animality, but it liberates animality itself, for the actualization of a potential that cannot be actualized without reason.

Makgoba Cites Mining Dangers

Archbishop of Cape Town: Churches “have failed the mining industry, both workers and managers.”

Traded as Merchandise

Brazil’s primate calls for action against human trafficking.

‘Our Tribe Is Women’

A statement from Anglican women of South Sudan


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