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The Political Soul Possessed:  A Warning Against Election Idolatry

Upon my life, the tracks have vanished, We’ve lost our way, what shall we do? It must be a demon’s leading us This way and that around...

Dreading Pentecost

By Charlie Clauss I found it odd the first time such a letter made its way to my hands, but to have it occur a...

Diabolical Easter: A Letter

By Charlie Clauss From time to time the strangest things happen. This letter falling into my hands is not the strangest to have happened in...

Is Mary of Magdala the Patron Saint of Alcoholics?

For those who are alcoholics and for their families, rum and all its siblings are truly “demons” which take over the minds, consciences, and very lives of those they possess.

Angels: Messengers of Justice

St. Michael promises justice, not only as a hope for the future, but with spiritual power here and now.

How to battle demons and win

Our enemies are not the ones identified on Twitter. Our enemies are sin, death, and the devil.

Hope in the midst of evil

One word has kept coming into my mind since the shootings, which we don't hear from many Episcopal pulpits: "demonic."

Halloween thoughts

What is the connection between devils, witches, goblins, and All Saints, and is it pernicious to participate in the revelries of the Eve if one is a believer who honors the Day?


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