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No Escaping the Marketplace: Why the Church Needs an Augustine Option

What can the Church do in the public forum? The only thing the Church was ever meant to do: announce the kingdom.

Use, Enjoyment, and the Order of Things

The recognition that God is the supreme object of our enjoyment fills us with wonder at creation’s transparency to the love and goodness of God.

Climbing the ladder of God’s delight

My first encounter with natural delight changed my life. I ended up leaving my parish ministry in North Carolina to move to the United Kingdom. Since then, I’ve gone out into wildernesses and the countryside with increasing regularity, spending as much time as I responsibly can soaking in the natural world and learning how to delight.

The good news of God’s wrath

The modern hymn “In Christ Alone” has provoked controversy with its phrase "the wrath of God was satisfied." But there is a better way to understand “the wrath of God,” a way that displays its truth, goodness, and even its beauty.

Against empathy?

Is there a Christian alternative to empathy? Can we react to others with compassionate warmth and care without imagining that we need to experience what they experience?


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