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Facing Episcopal Church decline

New analysis offers clarity on the numerical fortunes of the Episcopal Church (TEC) in the USA in recent decades.

Faithfully facing congregational decline

It is a mistake to think that a large group of people in one building on Sunday is somehow more faithful than the meager few in another.

Shooting the messengers? ‘Conservative’ theology and church growth

The authors of “Theology Matters” concluded that congregations who espouse “liberal” theology are declining and congregations who espouse “conservative” theology are growing.

‘Doing good’: The future of Christianity in the U.K.

Christian activism is increasing, not decreasing, in Britain. Is this the future of Christianity?

Is Anglicanism growing or dying? Statistics, the C of E, and the Anglican Communion

Is the Church of England dying? Is Anglicanism in much of the Global North on the way out? The answers to these questions are not simple.

Strategy and the decline of the mainline

A good strategy understands the depth and complexity of the problem.

New TEC statistics: what do these numbers say?

It is clear that our membership losses continue to be consistent and chronic. There has thus far been no leveling off. The numbers also suggest that we are losing fewer people to dioceses departing than we are to people exiting their local Episcopal church.

A response to Ross Douthat

Douthat is right in his reminder of the important ways in which liberal Christianity contributes positively to Western culture, but he is wrong in his diagnosis of our decline.


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