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The Future of Anglican Theological Education: A Dean’s Diagnosis

This essay has been modified slightly to more accurately reflect the history of Bexley-Seabury. — Editor. By Garwood Anderson To imagine the future of theological education...

The Growth and Decline of the Anglican Church in North America

By Jeremy Bonner and David Goodhew This article is an update of our earlier post, “The Growth of the Anglican Church in North America.” The Anglican...

Church, We Need to Fundraise

By Zack Guiliano You may have noticed the Church of England is teetering toward financial crisis, amid broader declines. Sadly, this is nothing new, and...

After COVID-19: A Brave New World? A Bishop in Confinement Wonders About the Future

President Emmanuel Macron of France, in a speech on March 12, 2020, described what he thinks needs to happen after the epidemic is over : We...

The Next Church

If religion continues to church-it-up in pretense and inside baseball, we become like Gilbert and Sullivan operettas: great good stuff, beloved by an ever-shrinking, self-congratulating group of lovely people.

Mission in Europe and the Future of Anglicanism

Decline is profound in many places, but there are heartening areas of vitality and new life.

Reflections on the Beginning of a New Era

My church has entered a period of decline, even stripping, in which its social position is eroding, its institutions are collapsing, and its common life lies in tatters.

Underemployed: The present and future of TEC clergy

Ordinands are being set up for real struggle, if we continue to ordain more clergy than the church can responsibly support.

The future of the Episcopal Church’s clergy

The Episcopal Church has an impending leadership and experience vacuum.

Episode 1: Church Decline

Fr. Zachary Guiliano and Canon Andrew Petiprin discuss “Facing Episcopal Church decline” by David Goodhew.


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