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david bentley hart

Density, Clarity, and Handing on the Faith

Tradition and Apocalypse  An Essay on the Future of Christian Belief By David Bentley Hart. Baker Academic. pp. 208 $24.99 Review by Cole Hartin One of the chief...

Longing for a Re-enchanted World:

David Bentley Hart’s Roland in Moonlight When, several years ago, I read Jean Grondin’s intellectual biography Gadamer, about the eponymous German continental philosopher, I was...

Prolixity and Precision: Reading David Bentley Hart Fast and Slow

You Are Gods: On Nature and Supernature By David Bentley Hart University of Notre Dame Press, 2022. pp. 162. $25. Review by Jonathan R. Heaps  Reading David Bentley...

David Bentley Hart has Written a Silly Book

David Bentley Hart’s That All Shall Be Saved is a regrettably unflinching reminder that ego, not piety, is the ground of much modern theology.

Infinite Beauty

Beauty cannot be suppressed, even by the Church, and Infinite Beauty, who is our living God, really will save the world.

The heart blown open: three invitations to wonder

From time to time, upon surveying our culture, I’m inclined to see the specter of barbarians at the gates. Wonder is a powerful antidote to such a temptation.

Experiencing God

Many Episcopalians would reflexively balk at “experiential” ways of speaking about Christian faith. They disillusioned by forms of the faith that elicit intense emotional highs but may lack the patterns and habits of living and praying that can sustain faith over the long haul.


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