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Fraud Indictment Leaves Episcopal Charity Feeling Betrayed

Former Executive Director John A. Miller faces the potential of decades in prison

Justice, Mercy and The Irishman

The world of The Irishman is a deeply moral one, with a strong sense of retribution and justice, but without much hope of reconciliation or redemption for its central characters.

‘Not Fit for Purpose’

Evangelical Alliance believes Spiritual Abuse is a vague and incoherent concept.

The strange endurance of torture

The “logic” of torture, that “it was okay to torture the guilty,” continued in Chicago policing at least into the 1970s.

Pray for Officer Wagstaff

Bishop Martin Field requests prayers for an Episcopalian severely wounded in his work as a police officer.

Karl Barth visits three prisons

Barth counsels solidarity with those in Bridewell, San Quentin, Rikers — or the Basel Prison.

Renewing Beauty in Salinas

Bp. Mary Gray-Reeves: “To not be afraid to be here in this neighborhood was a very important witness.”

Brothers Back Restorative Justice

Edwin Davis: “The way our nation handles criminal justice wounds victims and offenders alike.”


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