Communion Partners and Lambeth 2020

The Communion Partners have released a communiqué from their recent meeting at Camp Weed in the Diocese of Florida, where they discussed the implementation of B012, the Task Force on Communion Across Difference... Read more...

RADVO Unites Aspirants, Theologians

Hundreds of clergy, aspiring priests, and lay Christians joined some of the world’s foremost theologians for the Radical Vocation Conference.

Charges Grieve Several Bishops

Bishops of Communion Partners “call upon all concerned to seek a non-juridical solution to these difficult matters.”

Firsthand from Thailand

Four North American participants report on the Global South Conference on the Decade of Mission and Networking, which met July 16-21 in Thailand.

Resolution Affirms Covenant

Three member bishops of Communion Partners have submitted a General Convention resolution that affirms the proposed Anglican Communion Covenant.