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climate change

Magna Carta Protest Meant to ‘Get Things in Proportion’

“I believe it’s what God is asking of me,” the Rev. Sue Parfitt said in Bristol Crown Court in March 2022. “It’s my absolute duty as a Christian to protect the planet.”

Consume Less, Give More

Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust consumes and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where...

3 African Primates Explain Lambeth Boycott

Church leaders in Nigeria, Uganda, and Rwanda say the Communion is evading "the crucial issue of human sexuality" to focus on climate and social justice.

The Great Burning

The Necessity of Reconciliation Between the Church and Indigenous Communities for Ecological and Relational Healing One of the themes for this summer’s Lambeth Conference is...

The Currents of Colonialism

Climate Colonialism and the Anglican Communion One of the themes for this summer’s Lambeth Conference is ecology. We have invited authors to reflect on what...

Bishop Cites ‘Indescribable’ Suffering in Madagascar

As representatives from around the world prepared to gather in Glasgow, Scotland from October 31 to November 12 for the 2021 United Nations climate...

Omelas and the Structures of Sin

By Neil Dhingra  Daniel Daly’s brilliant book The Structures of Virtue and Vice provocatively asks why it is frequently if depressingly much easier to be...

Augustine, Bonaventure, & Climate-pocalypse

Is it just me, or are we currently living through a chapter of human history which is unprecedentedly spooky? Unrelenting forest fires in California...

Why Is ‘Cli-Fi’ Important to the Church?

Climate fiction can be an excellent tool for spiritual exploration of creation-care issues.

ETHICS: Climate Change and the Lordship of Christ

Climate change is not just an unfortunate atmospheric phenomenon; it emerges out of a fallen global system that distorts creaturely life and alienates humans from one another and creation.


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