Who Me? On Being A Mentor

Don’t be too worried about the “things” of ministry. Worry instead about how you move through the parish in all your holy particularity, slowly learning the contours of your gifts as well as your limitations. That's where the magic is.

Steps for Flourishing in Ministry

Clergy who are thriving in ministry tend to be intentional about health, maintain good boundaries, and stay focused on God’s mission rather than dwell on their members’ criticisms. They also pause to celebrate.

Clergy Housing Taxes May Change

The clergy housing allowance, a cherished perk that lets the ordained avoid federal income tax on some or all of their compensation, faces the stiffest challenge in its 64-year history.

Two Communion Cultures

By Peter M. Doll Here is the challenge the Covenant poses to the churches of the Anglican Communion: to commit themselves to a deeper fellowship with one another.