Plan for 10,000 New Churches Roils C of E

An ambitious target of planting 10,000 new, predominantly lay-led churches by 2030 headlines the recommendations of a briefing paper issued by the Church of England’s Vision and Strategy group in late June.

Budget Priority: Evangelism

In response to “a clarion call” of comments on the proposed budget that was posted in November, the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church added more than $1.8 million to the church’s planned spending for evangelism.

Coaches for New Churches

The Genesis Group/Advisory Group on Church Planting seeks coaches for future church-planting.

$100,000 for Savannah

A $100,000 grant from the Episcopal Church will establish a new ministry in the Diocese of Georgia.

Humble Houses of God

Both [churches] are delighted to have a building to meet in, even one constructed of mud and sticks and thatch.