Deacons Play Evolving Role

Prior to 1960, the diaconate functioned largely as a terminal ministry for women and a long-term holding pattern for racial minorities. After the mid-60s, deacons were reframed as having a role representing Christ in a way that functionary priests do not.

Investing for an Impact

The Episcopal Church seeks to influence the behavior of companies through shareholder advocacy, but new rules from the Securities & Exchange Commission may hamper the effort.

Pension Group Releases Report

Mary Kate Wold: The Denominational Health Plan “enables participating institutions to offer comprehensive healthcare benefits and meaningful provider choice to those who serve the Episcopal Church.”

Meeting Clergy’s Financial Needs

Mary Kate Wold: “I care deeply about helping the church grow and thrive, and I believe one of the best ways to do that is to ensure that its leaders are supported.”

Pension Group Answers Questions

The Church Pension Group has responded to questions from the House of Deputies’ Committee on the State of the Church.