Lawyers Dispute Prince’s Evidence

Lawyers representing victims of former bishop Peter Ball, have questioned the status of evidence by Prince Charles to the Independent Inquiry into Child Abuse.

Lord Carey Allowed to Preach Again

The Diocese of Oxford has lifted the ban on the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, allowing him to preach and lead worship in his local parish.

Rekindling Faith

The Church of England plans to create worshiping communities in cafés and will work in areas of social deprivation.

Delegated Oversight in London

In the new London Plan, the Fulham parishes are a church within a church — for that is what every diocese and every episcopal area is or should be.

Jonathan Aitken Now a Deacon

Jonathan Aitken studied theology at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, but he resisted ordination because he “wouldn’t like to give dog collars a bad name.”