Bishop of Lincoln Suspended

Abp. Welby: “If these matters are found to be proven I consider that the bishop would present a significant risk of harm by not adequately safeguarding children and vulnerable people.”

Bp. Tomlin: Parliament Needs Prayer

Graham Tomlin: “We need our politicians to pray because we need them to know that they are not God, that whatever power they have is borrowed.”

3 Women Nominated as Bishops in 1 Day

Downing Street announced on May 7 that Queen Elizabeth II has accepted the nomination of three women to suffragan sees in the Church of England:  The Venerable Sarah Bullock as the next Bishop of Shrewsbur... Read more...

BBC One Reports Abuses in Lincoln

Two former Bishops of Lincoln, one now dead, failed to act when told about alleged child abuse, according to the BBC One investigative series Panorama.

Safe Car Wash Works

The Church of England’s app designed to identify possible cases of modern-day slavery has triggered nearly 1,000 reports in five months.

Abp. Sentamu to Join Inquiry

The Bayelsa State Oil and Environmental Commission will study the human and environmental effects of oil companies.

Bishop Challenges the Home Office

“To use extracts from the Book of Revelation to argue that Christianity is a violent religion is like arguing that a Government report on the impact of climate change is advocating drought and flooding.”