Tory-Bashing Welsh Bishop Goes on Leave

The Rt. Rev. Joanna Penberthy, Bishop of St. David’s, will go on sick leave for the next month, amid ongoing contention over a March Twitter message in which she warned “never trust a Tory.” The announcement by the diocese’s archdeacons that the 61-year-old Welsh bishop is unwell and under a doctor’s care came two days after the Archbishop of Canterbury said in a letter to the Secretary of State for Wales that he was “deeply embarrassed by the use of such language by a church leader.”

Bike-friendly Churches in Wales

“SpiritCymru will celebrate and promote the heritage values of these beautiful buildings and provide a new sustainable model for continued community engagement and use.”

Welsh Video Promotes Evangelism

Bp. Andy John: “We want to show the amazing work which churches all over the country are doing to take Christ’s message of love out to the communities around them.”

‘Pastorally Unsustainable’

The Church in Wales’s Governing Body agrees with bishops that not providing blessings for same-sex couples is “pastorally unsustainable.”