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church order

Of Apostles and their Successors

Homily for St. Matthias,  Chapel of St. Mary the Virgin, Nashotah House Theological Seminary, February 24, 2022 Scripture – Psalm 15; Acts 1:15-26; Philippians 3:12-21;...

Covenantal Theology for the Anglican Communion

A determination to do Anglican theology, rather than mere sociological or historical description, marks The Vocation of Anglicanism.

After Quincy

Rethinking the purpose of our common life

One use

By John C. Bauerschmidt. “All the whole realm shall have but one use”: with this phrase the preface of the first Book of Common Prayer marked the end of the old liturgical regime that had prevailed in England in the Middle Ages, with various liturgical “uses” prevailing in different dioceses, religious orders, and cathedral churches, and the establishment of one use throughout England, authorized by Parliament and enforced by the power of the Crown.


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