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Church of Nigeria

Bishop Switches Sides in ACNA-Nigeria Clash

By Mark Michael A Nigerian bishop in the United States, backed by his diocesan board, has reversed his decision of three years ago and changed...

Closing Session Focuses on Fellowship, Crises, and Science

“Anglicans fight hard to stay together and to love each other, and to bear with one another across difference.”

3 African Primates Explain Lambeth Boycott

Church leaders in Nigeria, Uganda, and Rwanda say the Communion is evading "the crucial issue of human sexuality" to focus on climate and social justice.

Anglican Schools Caught Up in Nigerian Hijab Conflict

Violence erupted at several historically Christian schools as clashes between Christian and Muslim groups continue into a fifth week in Ilorin, Nigeria’s seventh largest city. The ten schools at the center of the crisis, at least two of them Anglican foundations, refuse to allow Muslim students to wear the hijab.

Nigerian Primate Lashes Out at ACNA

The Gay Anglican letter "is is likened to a Yeast that should be urgently and radically expunged and excised lest it affects the whole dough."

Bishop Urges Nigerian Govt. to Heed Separatists

Bishop Ephraim Ikeafor, whose diocese is in the heartland of the 1960's separatist Republic of Biafra, calls on Nigeria's national government to address the concerns of regional separatist who criticize uncontrolled attacks by Muslim Fulani herdmen on local Christian farmers.

70-Year-Old Missionary Shot & Wounded in Nigeria

Muslim Fulani herdmen shot Canon James Adebayo Famonure four times as he was leading family devotions, also wounding three other family members. The attack is the latest in a series launched against Christian farmers in central Nigeria in a conflict driven by land use disputes, Islamist ideology, and widely available weaponry. The current coronavirus seems to be making things worse.

Murder of Christians Leads to “Special Concern” for Nigeria

"Nigeria has become the largest killing ground for Christians in the world today," Archbishop Benjamin Kwashi said.

Ndukuba Elected New Nigerian Primate

Pioneering missionary bishop from Northern Nigeria will serve as chief leader of Anglicanism's second largest province.

Abp. Prays for Priest’s Survivors

The Rev. Anthony Jata’u of the Diocese of Sokoto was abducted Feb. 7 and his corpse was dumped by the roadside.


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