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Church of Ireland

New Primate for Ireland

Bishop John McDowell, an ecumenist who serves the rural border Diocese of Clogher, will succeed Archbishop Richard Clarke as Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland

Northern Irish Church Leaders Criticize Abortion Law Changes

Anglican Archbishop Richard Clarke joined other Northern Irish church leaders in criticizing Westminster-imposed legislation and calling for local decision by reopened regional parliament.

Mummy’s Head Returns to Dublin Church

Six months after a thief stole its most famous resident, "The Crusader" returns to St. Michan's--though visitors won't be able to shake his hand any more.

Irish Archbishops Affirm Life

Archbishops Richard Clarke and Michael Jackson: “All human life, including before physical birth, has a sacred dignity in the eyes of God.”

‘Archbishop, Where Is God?’

In a new autobiography, Robin Eames recalls a nurse’s anguished question amid the Troubles of Northern Ireland.

RIP: David Bleakley

Former Northern Irish Parliament member David Bleakley also served on the Anglican Consultative Council.

Grassroots Church Unity

A Church of Ireland parish hosts a Roman Catholic parish during building repairs.

No Blessing Rites in Ireland

The Church of Ireland’s General Synod rejected a call for services that celebrate same-sex unions.

Long Path to a New Call

After moving from the United States to Ireland and Canada, Jake Worley is elected Bishop of Caledonia.

‘We Can’t Be Isolationists’

Rector from South Carolina forms transatlantic partnership with parish priest in Ireland.


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