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church growth

Prayer Drives Congregational Growth

Kevin Martin’s recent article “Who Are We Missing?” highlights a valid sociological and theological commonality among some of the largest congregations in the Episcopal...

Is Anglicanism Growing or Dying? New Data

By David Goodhew The membership of the Episcopal Church (TEC) has halved since 1970. During the same period, the Anglican Communion’s combined membership has doubled....

Tips for Reversing the COVID Slump

“Being in touch has made the biggest difference.”

Alternative Facts on Church Growth

A Response to Scott MacDougall On November 30, House of Deputies theologian Scott MacDougall published “The Church Is Not Dying, It Is Changing: A Message...

How Does Jesus Build His Church?

By Justin S. Holcomb   And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell...

Pandemic Skews Parochial Report Data

Average Sunday attendance (ASA) just stopped being the gold standard of church size.

Whither the Church of England?

By David Goodhew Whither the Church of England (C of E)? The numbers make bleak reading, for the most part. Take the diocese of Bath...

Progress in the Pandemic: Christ Church, Tulsa

Focusing on doing a few things really well.

Assessing and Improving the Viability of Churches

A church that has outlived its congregation can be closed with dignity, leaving an asset that can be sold in support of other ministries.

Virtual Church: Opportunity or Mirage?

By John Mason Lock Since the pandemic began, I've heard many clergy celebrate the extension of the church’s ministry through virtual worship. The refrain I...


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