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church fathers

Ancient Christian Writers or Fathers of the Church? Parsing The Peculiar Patrology of Fr. John Behr

The process of writing theology might be compared to the making of a fine distilled spirit...

Seeing Ancient Words Anew: Looking through the Dictionary Darkly

The time between Easter and Trinity Sunday is ideal for instruction in trinitarian doctrine.

A Woman Can Be a Doctor

Four Women Doctors of the Church reinforces the hard-won wisdom that women can take “the initiative … to launch themselves into the life of the Church.”

Attending to Creation’s Wonder

St Basil: “I want creation to penetrate you with so much admiration that everywhere, wherever you may be, the least plant may bring to you the clear remembrance of the Creator.”

Psalm 23 and a Biblical Imagination for Catechesis

The Church Fathers invite us to teach the faith in ways that emerge out of patient readings and re-readings of Scripture.

Acts and Sacraments

The Church renews us with temporal sacraments and sketches of heavenly things.

Resuscitation or rebirth? ‘Renewing Culture’ at the Eighth Day Symposium

Rather than sweeping doctrinal differences under the rug, Eighth Day Institute seeks to focus its ecumenism on the theological riches of ancient Christianity, which Christians of both East and West can claim as their heritage.

For the Visitation: E.L. Mascall on the Incarnation and the Virgin

Mascall provides a profound reflection on the theology of the Incarnation, bursting with insights from St. Leo and St. Augustine.

Joy comes in the morning

Tonight the Church begins the celebration of the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus. In the Western monastic tradition, the Divine Office for...

John Chrysostom and the virtue of giving

A moment of confession: I love stewardship season, and I love asking people for money. Why? Because John Chrysostom’s right: Learning to use money effectively for God’s purpose is fundamental to our discipleship.


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