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Children's Education

On Forming Human Children, Part 1

By Jon Jordan If you encounter human children on a regular basis, you are doing the work of formation. A mark is left on them...

Are Children Theologians?

We not only follow in the way of our parents, but we all share in the guilt and sin of humanity.

Not Enough to Counter Coddling

I wonder how effective structural and procedural changes alone can be.

Nine Tips for Teaching Children about Religion

Advice for parents who want their children to know more about world religions.

Proclaiming the Gospel to Little Children: 8 Tips

Pitching the right message in a way that will keep them riveted week after week — it’s a tall order to reach some short people.

Hospitality to Our Children and Students as Strangers

The call to hospitality encompasses our welcome and raising of children, as well as teaching.

George Bragg and the Continued Importance of Episcopal Schools

The work of all Episcopal schools together contributes to God’s commission to restore all people to unity with him and each other in Jesus (“Catechism,” 1979 BCP, p. 855).

Keep These Words in Your Heart

My three-year-old son poured water over my hand with a little shell, anointed my hand with some olive oil in the sign of the cross, and handed me a candle — over and over and over again.

Homegrown VBS: Rescuing our children from the pandas

Most VBS curricula pander in pathetic ways to pop culture, skimp on thoughtful interpretations of Scripture, and leave kids with throwaway craft projects and a thin version of the Christian faith.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd: The gold standard in children’s education

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd exhibits confidence in the gifts God has given the Church, and calls the whole child to encounter God.


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