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children's books

Finding the Humble King

Joanna Pawlisch reviews Babushka: A Classic Folk Tale for Christmas, The Christmas Swallow, and Papa Panov’s Special Day: A Classic Folk Tale for Christmas.

A Northern Nativity

By Cole Hartin William Kurelek (1927-77) was a Canadian artist and author who spent much of the second half of his anguished life grappling with...

A Lesson from Winnie-the-Pooh

How to Engage Children with Scripture  By Sarah Puryear At six years old, my son is squarely in a Winnie-the-Pooh phase, which makes my husband and...

Christmas Favorites

Some of our family’s favorite reading has been found in humble and unexpected places like thrift stores and library book sales.

My love won’t find you

I really wanted (more than you know) a new TV; I really want a usable dining room table; I really want a good, stable job. Did I want my children with the same calculus of consumer desire? I hope the answer is no.


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