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On Apocalyptic Mobs

By Mark Perkins  “He who holds to the truth holds to God.” — Romano Guardini A mob is an apocalypse, a conflagration casting fiery light on what was...

‘Evil Is Also Part of Me’

Bishop Martin Field: “To resist evil, I must acknowledge that evil is also part of me.”

PB’s Video: Chaos or Community?

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry responds to violence in Charlottesville, and the death of Heather Heyer.

Respond to Rage: Evangelize

Bishop Benfield: “If we want an evangelism message, here it is: We Christians see the risen Christ in everyone.”

‘Nationalism in All its Forms’

Churches Uniting in Christ decries white supremacy and related ideologies.

6 thoughts after Charlottesville

The first step is to commit to long-term strategies, rather than have our actions dictated by the urgency of the moment. As Slavoj Žižek put it, it is time to think and not act.

Peaceful Clergy in Charlottesville

A Twitter video shows an interfaith group, including Cornel West, embarking on a nonviolent protest Saturday.


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