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catechism of nature

Firearm Spirituality

Lessons from a 30-06 For MW By Will Brown  I am a hunter. I have written a fair amount about hunting from a theological point of view. Among...

A catechism of Nature (5): Autumn

I am an avid hunter and fisherman, but it strikes me that these activities are really more occasions for something else: for looking at the natural world and trying to understand it and, by trying to understand it.

A catechism of Nature (4): The sea

What can the sea tell her, That she does not now know, and know how to bear? She knows, as the sea, that what came will...

A catechism of Nature (2): the vernal transgression of boundaries

Late winter's dormant destinies are disclosed by the spring.

A catechism of Nature (1): Reason and the destiny of animal life

Reason, the thing that separates us from brute beasts, does not liberate us from animality, but it liberates animality itself, for the actualization of a potential that cannot be actualized without reason.


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