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cancel culture

Forgiveness and Guilt in a Cancel Culture World

By Clint Wilson Writing in spring of 2017, Wilfrid M. McClay penned an article entitled “The Strange Persistence of Guilt,” which garnered a decent amount...

A Broad Place: Waning Thoughts on the Freedom to Teach

By Ephraim Radner One of my first memories of what a university looks like comes from my boyhood in early 1960s Berkeley. In my father’s...

Welby Apologizes for Bishop Bell Criticism

The Archbishop of Canterbury apologized for his 2018 refusal to exonerate prominent mid-20th century bishop George Bell, who had been accused of sexual abuse of a child.

The Problems of Hagiography

By Zachary Guiliano The Christian Church has no shortage of saints. This may come as some surprise to many, who associate the Church primarily with...

Atonement Versus Cancel Culture

I love stories with surprising endings. Leon Uris, author of the 1958 bestseller Exodus failed high school English three times. When Lucille Ball began studying to...


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