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Diaspora Christians and Theological Education

Last year Covenant published a few excellent articles about the future of theological education. One issue that preoccupies many theological educators is the post-COVID...

Mountains and Churches

I was born and raised in a Calgary mountain culture that continues to thrive on the edges of the Rocky Mountains and numerous world famous...

In Praise of Alberta: Introducing Corb Lund

By Dane Neufeld As it is Stampede season in my neck of the woods, it seemed like a good occasion to reflect on a little...

The Loss of the Past and the Strange Future

Voices of the Plains Cree by the Rev. Edward Ahenakew (1885-1961) is essential reading for Canadian seminarians.

The Church and human rights: Michael Ignatieff on idolatry

Churches face difficult decisions on matters of human rights because some discussions of the topic, like Ignatieff’s, present an alternative moral worldview with which Christians have overlapping concerns.

Virtue and basketball

Basketball has its own “internal goods” and rewards, which are available to everyone regardless of ability, whereas the “external goods” are by definition scarce and subject to competition.

‘God speaks my language’: A conversation on Bible translation with Andrew Atagotaaluk and Jonas Allooloo

When they finished translating the Bible into Inuktikut, many came up saying, "Now God speaks my language!”

Children without mothers and fathers, without hope of adoption

The province of Ontario’s proposed Bill 28, the “All Families are Equal Act," proposes removing the terms "mother," "father," and "adoptive" from birth certificates.

Deep faith: A conversation with Bishop Mark MacDonald

"My travels fill me with hope because I see a depth of faith, and a reality to faith, that is hard to see outside of Indigenous communities."

Reform from within or without? Richard Hooker on heresy in the Church

If the people of God are part of sinful Babylon, what is a godly woman or man to do?


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