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Archbishops Condemn Brexit Trade Bill

The UK's five archbishops harshly condemned a Brexit trade bill for undermining international law and endangering the peace process in Northern Ireland. “If carefully negotiated terms are not honored, and laws can be ‘legally’ broken,” the archbishops asked, “on what foundations does our democracy stand?”

UK Bishops Call in Vain for Civility in Brexit Debate

As hopes for a Brexit agreement dim, the bishops say some of the language used in the debate is "unacceptable."

UK Bishops Criticize Brexit Infighting as Divisive, Undemocratic

25 English bishops call for open discussion, attention to a no-deal Brexit's impact on the vulnerable, while Archbishop Welby agrees to chair citizens' forum to share diverse views on the way forward

Could Abp. Welby Solve Brexit?

A British member of Parliament envisions a challenging task for the ABC.

Abp. Welby Praises Theresa May

“Theresa May has shown determination, resilience, and a sense of public duty that has never wavered.”

Bp. Tomlin: Parliament Needs Prayer

Graham Tomlin: “We need our politicians to pray because we need them to know that they are not God, that whatever power they have is borrowed.”

‘Use Hope to Heal the Future’

Britain today suffers from loss of the common values that “have deep roots in our nation’s Christian history,” the Archbishop of Canterbury has declared.

Abp. Welby: Draw Out the Poison

“The best future for British politics cannot be ‘a zero-sum, winner-take-all calculation.’”

Archbishops Respond to Brexit

Statements from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, and several other bishops.

Archbishops: Remain in EU

Archbishop of Canterbury and Archbishop of York write in support of keeping Britain in the European Union.


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