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Lenten and Lent-Adjacent

Richard J. Foster’s Learning Humility: A Year of Searching for a Vanishing Virtue is a bit of a puzzle. As a meditation on humility,...

Friendship and Unity

Malines is the French name for a Flemish city near Antwerp called Mechelen today and usually known in English as Mechlin. It was the...

Tracing Alpha’s Story

In the latter half of the 20th century, Christianity faced a variety of challenges. Two world wars had delivered severe blows to the hubris...

Leaders of Character, People of Faith

(Author Russ Levenson was interviewed on the Living Church Podcast about his book and his experience as pastor to a president. Listen) Without a community...

Forming a Weighty Soul 

The real gift of the book is Carty’s sheer delight in and passion for reading.

Compassion for the Suffering 

Both inspirational and sobering, it can help us face into the marathon that COVID is becoming, even as AIDS moderates to a sprint

Heaven in Ordinary

For the heirs of 19th-century aesthetic romanticism, the Reformation’s iconoclasm is a rich source of Duffyesque lament for the stripping of altars and Dearmerite...

Revealing the Incarnation

While the cultural emphasis is on sentimental versions of happy families, Jane Williams reminds us that the season is more complicated


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