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Blessed Virgin Mary

Katherine Hepburn and Zeal

This is the fourth post in a series in which I explore what classic film actresses in iconic roles can teach us — and, more particularly,...

A Postmodern Reflection on Mary the Second Eve

Among the various characterizations of Mary, I find myself repeatedly drawn to Mary as the Second Eve in parallel to St. Paul’s reference to Christ as the Second Adam (Rom 5:12, 15; I Cor 15:45, 47).

The Destiny of the Beloved: Baptism, Transfiguration, Adoption, and Assumption

The destiny of a human life, given over to God’s purposes, united with Christ, and adopted into his family is glory. The church commemorates the glorious entrance into heaven of the Virgin as a reflection of the glory of Christ that was revealed in his Transfiguration, manifest in his Resurrection and Ascension, and will be at last given to those who have been united with his divine Sonship through baptism.

Trauma and the Eucharist

All the sacraments are traumatic for us. Our body is no longer completely our own, our present is interrupted by a foretaste of the eschatological banquet, and the sacraments ultimately are beyond any adequate verbal description.

An Unsentimental Family

The Holy Family's faith is neither sentimental nor easy nor even stable.

A Choice that Changed the World

Gabriel announced that Mary was chosen, not that she was already pregnant.

Rewarding, Not Easy, Listening

The Majesty of the Flesh and Mother of God are punctuated with lyrics rooted in Bozeman’s Orthodox faith, which makes his lyrical voice distinct in America’s musical scene.

The Catholic Church Needs Mothers

The Catholic Church is broken in a way that only Jesus can heal. But I have a suggestion for what might help.

St. Mary, Icon of the Church

May God give us faith, that we too can follow Mary into heaven, and declare with confidence, “my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior.”

What Mary Received in the Eucharist

If we ever take the Eucharist for granted, meditating on Mary’s relationship with the sacrament would be a fitting remedy.


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