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black lives matter

The Next Two Theologies

In the summer of 2020, while city streets around the world were flooded with Black Lives Matter demonstrations, British theologian John Milbank offered a...

A Future-Present Reality

The history of the Black Church shows us how, instead of bringing God down to us on Earth, we should go up by our praise to God in heaven. That is how the reality of the good news is best felt in this time, in anticipation of the next.

How to Be an Angry Christian, According to Thomas Aquinas

People are angry. Given everything that’s happened in 2020, combined with the unlimited opportunities created by the internet for expressing our anger, this might...

“Past its Teeming Time”: Lessons from Colonial Barbados about Environmental Racism

By Mark Clavier When John Atkins, a British royal navy surgeon, visited Barbados in 1722, he was astonished by what he found. He had heard...

Bishop Budde to Give Benediction at DNC Tuesday

The Bishop of Washington previously took President Trump to task for clearing Black Lives Matter protesters with tear gas, to enable him to stage a photo op at St. John's Church.

Love Is Stronger than Death

What “I Can Breathe Now” provides is a crucial reminder that racial strife does not have the final word and that even death is not the end of the story.

On Justice

By Daniel Martins The brutal murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers on May 25 triggered an explosive response across the nation (and beyond)...

Cry of the Wounded

Photography is not objective. It is deeply subjective. In other words, photographers bring to their craft the themes they carry inside themselves.

Blood of the Black Christ, Shed for All

By Christopher Wells All right, I was colored. It was fine. I did not know enough to be afraid or to anticipate in a concrete...

Black Lives Matter: A Movement, Not a Moment

Episcopal and Anglican leaders from across the Church discuss their support for current racial justice efforts.


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