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Bishops Against Gun Violence

New Convener Bishops

Daniel G.P. Gutiérrez and Steven Miller will help lead Bishops Against Gun Violence.

Grief, Prayers, Action

The Bishop of Los Angeles and Bishops Against Gun Violence respond to the latest mass shooting in the United States.

Going Long on Guns

Joshua Farrier: “If we want to effect some sort of change within companies and how companies perform, we have to do it from within.”

‘Help God End a Nightmare’

Hundreds of Episcopalians and others heard emotional witness from the family of Carmen Schentrup, who died in a Parkland, Florida, mass shooting on Ash Wednesday.

Bp. Stokes on Mass Shooting

Bishop William Stokes: “Our nation has a gun disease that is killing too many.”

‘Something Different this Time’

The Episcopal Church was well-represented at March for Our Lives events in Washington, D.C., and across the country on March 24.

Facing Violence in Chicago

Bishops United Against Gun Violence sponsors a gathering on racism, poverty and gun violence.

Orange Is the New Purple

Bishops United Against Gun Violence urges Episcopalians to join color-coordinated protest June 2.

Litany on Gun Violence

Bishop Stephen T. Lane has composed a litany for National Gun Violence Sabbath Weekend.

Marching through Zion

The Claiming Common Ground Against Gun Violence rally denounces a rash of gunshot deaths in the United States.


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