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Bishop Mark Lawrence

New Bishops Seek “A New Season” in South Carolina

Seeking to minimize conflict while ending a decade of litigation over property ownership

Five Candidates for Bishop Announced in S. Carolina

The winner will become the first full-time bishop of the diocese since 2012.

TEC Loses in Latest South Carolina Property Decision

A state circuit court appears to have overruled the state Supreme Court.

Judge Rules “Diocese of South Carolina” Belongs to TEC

ACNA diocese has engaged in "trademark infringement, trademark dilution, and false advertising."

Christian discipline

Culturally speaking, the word discipline brings to mind notions of strictness and censure, but the discipline of following Christ is not primarily about following rules.

A Provisional Solution

By Mark McCall South Carolina does not understand itself to be an alternative jurisdiction but only to remain the diocese it has always been.

Rise in Glory: Bertha Lawrence

By Mark Lawrence “To bring Wesley into the mix was to speak of the New Birth, Assurance of Salvation, the Atoning Work of Christ, the Resurrection.”

Expectations and Hopes

 by Mark McCall Litigation can be settled amicably in South Carolina.

It’s not just +Mark

We look like our political parties. That’s no accident. We live in two worlds and as we spend more time in society and ‘culture’ as we do in the Kingdom: the world seems to triumph.

Bp. Lawrence: ‘So we move on’

“It is the Presiding Bishop’s crossing of the T and dotting of the I — for their paperwork, not my life.”


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