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biblical interpretation

Abraham and Sarah, Slaveholders

By Ephraim Radner Abraham and Sarah were slaveholders. Eliezer and Hagar were their slaves. The following is but a brief reflection on how we have...

General Calls Biblical Scholar

The Rev. Julie Faith Parker will become associate professor for Biblical studies at General Theological Seminary, effective July 1.

Evaluating ‘This Holy Estate’: Same-sex marriage, and a failed argument from analogy

The report seeks a unique definition of marriage for same-sex partners, but never provides it. Instead, it resorts to an unrelated analogy.

Apocalypse Then and Now

Is the Roman Caesar lord and god, or is the babe of Bethlehem?

Context, interpretation, and application

Behind many of the debates that Christians have about the Bible, there is an important but unstated assumption: that interpretation is inseparable from application and that context is important to both.


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