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biblical criticism

There and Back Again: Historical-Critical Skepticism and Renewed Faith

By Jay Mills I was a very lapsed Episcopalian in the late 1960s and 1970s. I left to join the revolution, the one that never panned...

Why Anglican seminarians still need Galatians

Much of the shape of Anglican seminary curricula, Richard Briggs contends, is shaped by the historical-critical project rather than by the particular questions raised by Anglican ministry itself.

Jesus trumps

Bishop Daniel Martins: I'm made uneasy by statements that "Jesus trumps any of the apostles" (usually, most notably, St. Paul), and it's precisely because I've made peace (indeed, made friends) with biblical criticism.

One Book, Two Worlds

Review by Michael Cover • Michael Legaspi tells a tale of two Bibles: the Bible of Christian Scripture and the Bible of the secular academy.


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