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Bible in the Life of the Church

Historical Criticism is not an Operating System

By Ryan Pollock I completed my undergraduate degree at a small college of the Southern Baptist Convention in Texas. This college prides itself on forming future...

Respecting the Mystery: On Christian Doctrine

Christian doctrine functions, above all, as a safeguard for mystery. It holds in flaming tension what would otherwise devolve into drab truisms.

The Bible in the Life of the Church: a response

Robert MacSwain: I thought it would be a helpful contribution to the current conversation on Scripture to direct readers to the "Ten Themes" and "Seven Principles" of Anglican biblical interpretation that were identified by the Anglican Communion's "Bible in the Life of the Church" project.

Limited Success

By Michael Cover • A careful reading of Deep Engagement, Fresh Discovery reveals that its fruits are mixed.

A Welcome Breakthrough

By Bolly Lapok • The Bible in the Life of the Church has come at a significant period in the history of the Anglican Communion.

The Bible and the Church

By Robert MacSwain • Introduction to a series on The Bible in the Life of the Church


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