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beatific vision

“Hell is Other People,” but Heaven Can’t Be: The Good Place’s Unintentionally Augustinian Outcome

With its final door, The Good Place proves useful for our journey once more: we cannot stop here, we must journey on.

Spiritual renewal, Scripture, and the Oxford Movement: The vision of God

Spiritual exegesis is part and parcel of the Oxford Movement's efforts to help the English church recover her capacity to see and to enjoy the kind of vision of God, which is compellingly attractive, which is the beginning and end of Christian life.

Benediction is good for the (Anglican) soul

Does hoisting Jesus up in a brass contraption and waving him at his people do something beneficial? Yes.

Dante in love

By Kevin Dodge Helping those we teach to read the signs of transcendence all around them is, to me, one of the central tasks of Christian education. When we start to see our world differently — as a world of signs “declaring the glory of God” (Ps. 19:1) — this is when distinctly Christian formation begins to take hold.


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