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baptismal covenant

Preach the Gospel at All Times

By Charlie Clauss “Preach the gospel at all times; when necessary, use words.” —Attributed to St. Francis If there is one thing that unites people across many...

Living as Salt & Light

By Bryan Owen I had the good fortune of growing up next door to my grandmother. Her name was Lily Pearle. Does it get any more...

How Do We Lead When We Make the News?

Last week, the county in which I serve made the national news in a ProPublica article that alleges systemic racial bias in our county’s...

‘The dignity of every human being’: The constitutive Baptismal Covenant

Describing the Baptismal Covenant as constitutive means that it governs (or at least should govern) how we live as a body; it determines our culture.

Hope in the midst of evil

One word has kept coming into my mind since the shootings, which we don't hear from many Episcopal pulpits: "demonic."

Baptism and environmental stewardship

Canadian Anglicans have added a vow about environmentalism to their baptismal covenant. I worry that making environmental activism fundamental to Christian baptism obscures what is more fundamental to it.

St. Blasé’s welcomes you!

An interview In which an everyday journalist meets a typical Episcopal parish, in all its love for the blessing of animals and the "hypothetical Buddhists" down the street.


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