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Abiding in Jesus

Bryan Owen In my first post for Covenant back in 2015, I noted how much I hated attending church as a child and how that...

Thinking Outside the Box: A Pre-Christendom Intervention in the Communion Without Baptism Debate

By Daniel Martins According to the materials that have been made available to bishops and deputies who will be in Baltimore this summer for the...

Conflict Looms Over Requiring Baptism for Communion

The General Convention will consider eliminating the canon requiring that only baptized people can receive Holy Communion.

Baptism: God’s Work Upon Us

Whatever you might think about infant vs. believer’s baptism, there is not one single case of rebaptism in the New Testament.

Nourishing Memories, Chapter 1

Early Childhood A continuation of my memoir. By Graham Kings “I must confess, I was born at a very early age.” — Groucho Marx Birth I make the same confession...

Adopted in Baptism

By Clint Wilson I am now at the stage in life where I have become familiar with the plot lines of many children’s stories, including The...

Lent is for Making Christians: The Way of Love Can Show Us How

By Eugene R. Schlesinger Lent is a fascinating cultural phenomenon. On the one hand, it’s fairly unpleasant. My daughters, for instance, spend Gesimatide lamenting the...

Baptism and the Community of Faith

It Takes a Church to Baptize What the Bible Says About Infant Baptism by: Scot McKnight Brazos Press. PP. 140 $16.99 Review by Clint Wilson Scot McKnight is a prominent...

“A Terrible Light”

Being reborn is not easy. It is Lazarus being called to life by a “terrible light.”

As the waters cover the Sea: Hooker, Baptism, and the Nature of the Church

During the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, when many of us turn our attention to the twin subjects of ecumenism and ecclesiology, it is helpful to hear a variety of voices on the nature of the church, especially pertaining to baptism.


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