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The ‘E-Word,’ Part Two

In part one I made the case that evangelism and salvation must be reunited in our thinking. A part of the core nature of...

The Hero’s Fast

When I was a young evangelical on the Canterbury Trail, the liturgical calendar gave my faith structure and meaning in a way I had...

Mystery and Objectivity in Christian Unity

Fr. Matthew Olver, in his essay “Unity’s Fire,” gives us a powerful account of why the question of Christian unity stands central to the...

How Our Vows Shape New Vows

The Rev. Charles Hoffacker reviews The Vowed Life: The Promise and Demand of Baptism.

Jesus, Baptism, and the Reversal of Death in Mark 4:1–5:43

By Paul D. Wheatley Life lived on this side of eternity is beset with an awareness of its finitude. We live with a quiet sense...

Lent Is Preparation for the Great Vigil of Easter

By Daniel Martins While the season of Lent is multifaceted, it can never be fully or properly understood apart from its connection to the sacrament...

Living as Salt & Light

By Bryan Owen I had the good fortune of growing up next door to my grandmother. Her name was Lily Pearle. Does it get any more...

Committee Kills Communion Without Baptism Resolution

Theologians oppose the proposal, and there is limited time for debate at a shortened General Convention.

“Open Table,” Excommunication, and the Mission of the Church

By Matthew Kemp  As we approach the next (belated) General Convention, there is once again a proposal, Resolution C028, to rescind the requirement that one...

22 Theologians Reject Communion Without Baptism

A resolution in support of the practice faces long odds at General Convention.


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