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Portrait of the Artist as a Catholic Man

Warhol’s personal religious fervency is still a subject of debate, considering his more familiar sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll image.

Lament and Healing through Art

By Elizabeth Orens A number of Christian poets, musicians, and visual artists have responded to the COVID pandemic, offering their gifts in churches and cathedrals...

London Artists Explore ‘The Wilderness’

The "Showbiz Rev." brings his artistic energy to the Church.

In the Beginning Was the Word: A Reflection in Two Images

Two days before the shattering events of January 6 in Washington, D.C., I became aware of a painting called In the Beginning Was the...

Dalí and the Psychology of Sin

Although Dalí’s ambition outruns his ability to resolve all the contradictions that his work contains (quite in contrast to Dante), his attempt at the Divine Comedy is at least a reminder of the slow, cumulative, step-by-step nature of life as a pilgrimage.

The Christmas Story in Stone – The Nativity Façade of The Sagrada Familia

By Zac Koons Antoni Gaudi’s dream was to create a Bible out of stone, a dream that became — actually, is still becoming —  the...

Incarnational Abstraction in An Ancient Icon

What struck me when I saw the work in person last year was how modern the work appeared, with its hauntingly expressive distortions. Rarely have I encountered such a powerful sense of presence in any image.

Old Masters and Black Bodies

Using the tools of the old masters – grand canvases and oil paint, and fluently speaking their iconographic language – Ballon has moved Black bodies from the margins of the canvas to the forefront, portraying them as Biblical characters.

A Refuge of Beauty: St. Timothy’s, Winston-Salem

St. Timothy’s is a large and active church, but the renovation project has less to do with size than with creating a sacred space to complement and reinforce the decidedly high-church character of the congregation.

The Color of the Godhead

Is It Time to Remove Images of the White Jesus From Churches? "So tell me," began the tastefully dressed, middle-aged woman, to whom I had...


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