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Coleridge: Stained-Glass Pioneers, Christian Wiman against Despair, and Nick Cave’s Yearning

Coleridge is a monthly digest of noteworthy items in theology and the arts. Art Pending lectures include, on February 8 in London, “Balthazar: The Third Man...

Coleridge: Christina Rossetti’s Anglo-Catholicism, Chichester’s new workshop for liturgical art, and Cormac McCarthy’s contemptus mundi

Coleridge is a monthly digest of significant developments in theology and the arts. Music In “Spiritual Renewal and Modern Choral Music,” Michael De Sapio praises the...

Designing the Theater of Rome

The Artist and the Eternal City Bernini, Pope Alexander VII, and the Making of Rome By Loyd Grossman Pegasus Books, pp. 315, $29 Review by Ben Lima During his...

Building for Humans: A Primer on Christian Architecture

How do we know that God cares about architecture? Perhaps the clearest answer is found in the book of Exodus. In fact, most of...

Baroque Splendor in the Vale of the White Horse

Parts of St. Swithin's Church date to the 13th century.

The Church That Came Back From the Dead

While renovating an abandoned church in Norfolk, a retired engineer found 11th-century wall paintings.

The Whirligig of Time in Isle Abbots

At 81 feet high, the tower is a long way from the tallest in the county, but is finely proportioned and has lovely details.

The Christmas Story in Stone – The Nativity Façade of The Sagrada Familia

By Zac Koons Antoni Gaudi’s dream was to create a Bible out of stone, a dream that became — actually, is still becoming —  the...

In Defense of Beautiful Church Buildings

By Cole Hartin Some of the most rewarding work I do happens when I am blissfully unaware of my physical surroundings. Psychologists call this a...

St. Germaine de Pibrac, the Suffering Shepherdess

Life was not kind to Germaine Cousin (1579-1601). Her stereotypically cruel stepmother forced Germaine to have her bed in a shed, and she was not allowed to go to school, working instead as a shepherdess.


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