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Prayers of Love and Faith, (Arch-)Episcopal Power, and Anglican Identity

While this piece is longer than what we typically publish on Covenant, I believe that it is very important for the details of this...

Instruments of Communion: The Primates’ Meeting, the ACC, and their predecessors

Which bodies have moral authority to speak on behalf of the Anglican Communion to its individual churches?

Abp. Anis Will Miss ACC-16

Primates were “very clear that [Episcopalians] should not be nominated or elected” to internal standing committees.

What’s at Stake for Primates?

Anglicanism was never a homogeneous entity and never amenable to central control.

Idowu-Fearon Prays for Primates

“We confess our individual and corporate roles in bringing the Communion to where she is today and ask for your forgiveness.”

Abp. Calls Primates’ Meeting

Archbishop Welby invites Archbishop Foley Beach of the ACNA to attend part of the next Primates’ Meeting.

‘Deeply Grieved’

Global South leaders: “We are deeply grieved again by the Episcopal Church … to change the definition of marriage in their church canons.”

Primates Call for New Meeting

“It is important that the agenda of this Primates Meeting be discussed and agreed upon by the Primates beforehand.”

Global South Primates issue statement

Communiqué of the Global South Primates during their visit to China in September 2011


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