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Apostles' Creed

A Third Article Reflection

By Daniel Martins Praying daily in the same form for years upon years is a repetitive endeavor that, in my case at least, invariably evokes...

A Creedal Posture

Christianity without a Creed risks becoming an endorsement of works righteousness, of human effort at being a decent person. With the Creed, Christianity becomes a remembering of what has been accomplished through Christ.

Singing of Easter

Fr. Lawrence Crumb: “There are many joys to the Easter season, but the greatest joy, I think, is singing Easter hymns.”

Three streams (but not the ones you’re thinking of)

Matthew Olver writes on the "Three Streams," the use of Praise and Worship in Anglican settings, and Hillsong.

On the harrowing of hell

Sam Keyes responds to a question submitted to the Covenant blog regarding the harrowing of hell.

Funerals, Creeds, Baptisms

“No single prayer or statement can convey the entirety of the Christian faith.”


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