Applause for a Notion

Canon Paver: “Are we individually and collectively willing to work together for mutual flourishing relationships?”

Pearl of the Kingdom

The Archbishop of Canterbury addresses the 16th Anglican Consultative Council.

Abp. Anis Will Miss ACC-16

Primates were “very clear that [Episcopalians] should not be nominated or elected” to internal standing committees.

Nigerians Pass on ACC

Abp. Okoh: Some churches may never “embrace the sexual culture being promoted by some provinces of the Church.”

Compass Rose to Raise $10M

The Compass Rose Society plans endowment to fund its annual commitment to the Anglican Consultative Council.

Toronto 1963 Redux?

The Anglican Communion’s Standing Committee discusses another possible global gathering.

Who’s Next for the ACC?

The Episcopal Church is accepting nominations through April 10 for its lay representative on the Anglican Consultative Council.