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Why We Should Beatify Jane Austen

By David Goodhew We need to beatify Jane Austen. This is not, usually, the Anglican way. But here we should make an exception. Yes, Austen is...

An evangelical on the Canterbury trail

What drew me so readily to the Episcopal Church, which I had been taught to mistrust?

Receiving ministries, Anglican and Roman Catholic

The texts of the ecumenical Vespers in Rome addressed the theme of grace, unity, and pastoral ministry in complex ways.

Reading Paul for the unity of the Church

How might one read Paul in a way that furthers the cause of visible Christian unity?

John Kasich, Anglican

Here's the kind of fellow that we’ve lost in the Episcopal Church: a politically moderate swing-state governor who reads his Bible cover to cover, thinks deeply about it, and tries to put it into practice.

Anglicanism redux

What does it mean to be an Episcopalian anyway? We are onto important questions in the midst of our divisions. Our differences nowadays take on...

The Primates and the “reality” of the Anglican Communion

Is the Primates' Meeting disconnected from the reality of the Anglican Communion? Jesse Zink has claimed that “calling together a group of bishops has rarely been a good way of resolving conflict.”

The curse of the via media

The cherished Episcopal notion, that we are a church of right-thinking, reasonable people, is going to be the death of us. Don’t get me...

Another Step on Christology

Anglican and Oriental Orthodox leaders have signed a revised Agreed Statement on Christology.

Polity ‘primer’: ACI’s response

The identity of those preparing this primer — most have participated as counsel or witnesses or have been listed as potential witnesses in the various lawsuits — makes obvious that the primary purpose of this document is its perceived usefulness in litigation.


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