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anglican-roman catholic dialogue

Roman Pilgrimage and the Gift of Unity

In January 2022, Nashotah House Theological Seminary and the Living Church Institute co-hosted an ecumenical pilgrimage to Rome, which doubled as a graduate course:...

Moving closer, inch by inch

The sheer improbability of an Anglican Evensong at St. Peter’s seemed to show all those present that God really is at work in our two communions.

The scandal of Christian division, again: A letter

The Body of Christ has a history that may be mapped, discussed, and studied; it continues to suffer various indignities and worse until the End; and the teachings of its churches undergo various changes.

The Church of England’s Trinitarian schizophrenia: Full, visible unity or Fresh Expressions?

Does God the Trinity want you to form a rugby club? Or a parish? The C of E can't decide.

Gathering the fruit, May 21: Roman Catholics ‘recognizing’ the Anglican patrimony

What do Roman Catholics consider the "treasures" or "elements of sanctity" in the Anglican tradition?


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